With the advent of 3D imaging, it has become easier to visualise some content that before would simply have been impossible to portray. Our 3D team has been working on such projects for a long time, making it possible to visualise technical equipment such as the inside of an engine for example. But 3D imaging is not just about creating animations that would otherwise be impossible to visualise but also about creating animations, images and videos that, though they could be shot, cost you much less when they are created through 3D imaging. In fact 3D artists now create images that are so realistic that they can be mistaken for pictures. At Vintage we do not distinguish between photographs or computer generated images. That is why our CGI’s are often perceived as ‘pictures’.
We provide:

• 3D modelling
• AR and VR
• Animations
• 3D configurator

• Photography
• Photo editing
• Merging of photo and 3D

• Audio  & video recording
• Post-production


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    a collective of designers, developers, and copywriters that employ their trade outside the traditional methods used in advertising agencies.

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